Keynote Spotlight on TAVR 2023

August 11 (Fri), 1:00 PM ~ 1:56 PM
Main Arena

Moderator(s): Eberhard Grube, Seung-Jung Park
Panelist(s): In-Ho Chae, David Joel Cohen, Kentaro Hayashida, Young-Guk Ko, Duk-Woo Park, Nicolas Van Mieghem, Alan C. Yeung
1:00 PM AS Lifetime Management
Lecturer: Eberhard Grube
1:12 PM A Paradigm Shift to Valve-in-Valve: 1st, 2nd, and More Valves
1:24 PM Make It Simple : TAVR Antithrombotics
Lecturer: Duk-Woo Park
1:36 PM Q&A and Interactive Discussion